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About Liam Mills

Welcome to liammills.co.uk, my name is Liam Mills & I am a frontend web developer residing and working in Kent in the UK.

After I gained a BSc in Multimedia, Technology and Design from the University Of Kent, I have obtained 9 years experience in the web development industry in which I now focus on frontend technologies.

In my career, I strive everyday to improve my knowledge in all avenues I can with web development, trying to implement new technologies while providing the best experience from all websites and applications I create.

Here are a selection of the technologies I use to craft sites and applications: PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Twig, JS, jQuery, Bitbucket, Grunt, Craft CMS, Sketch, Adobe CC; Depending on each job I can alter the technologies I use. Previously I spent nearly a year using Adobe ColdFusion in a commercial setting, and my latest branch of independent study is towards React & React Native, in which I hope to further my commercial experience with soon.


Due to most of my previous website builds being created while under employment for various companies, I cannot disclose a full list of my work due to NDAs. Feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss my experience further, also below I describe the various companies I have worked for to gain my 9 years experience as a web developer.

Look below to see a select list of work from my portfolio:

  1. Rosewood Installations

    A friend of my father asked, when he was starting a new business venture, whether I would help create the online identity for his company. Mr Rose wanted me to design and develop the whole site, in which the only guidelines that were set on the job were for the main colour to be blue and that the site should work elegantly on mobiles, tablets and computers.

    “Rosewood Installations are a division of The Lifecare Centre. The Lifecare Centre has been established in Dartford Kent since 1998 and the management has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. Our fully qualified staff strive to offer the best the best solutions, products and services where possible.”

    Paul Rose

    In the run up to this build I wanted to see if there was an alternative to responsive design, so I decided to experiment with device detection. The reason I wanted to try device detection was so that if you are mobile or tablet, you can get a streamlined and efficient mobile site that is not slowed by loading all the unneeded HTML, JS and CSS elements that are usually just hidden on mobile. Also I feel that this way the user feels that the site is tailored for each device separately and shows it has been thought out thoroughly.

    The technologies I used to create this site were: PHP, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, mobile-detect.php, GIMP, notepad++.



  1. Axton Chase Secondary school2000 to 2007(know known as Longfield Academy)

    I spent my whole secondary education at Axton Chase, where I excelled in mathematics and computing throughout.

    From my studies at Axton, I gained twelve GCSEs (All A to C grade), two AS levels & two A Levels which gave me the oppurtunity to carry on higher education with my university studies.

  2. University of Kent, Canterbury2007 to 2010

    Once I graduated sixth form, I immediately moved on to my three years of study at the University of Kent, Canterbury, in which I gained a BSc in Multimedia, technology and design (2:1).

    The course taught me the practical application of many skills from the wide and varied field of multimedia, but while I was there I really fell in love with web development.


  1. Building Register - Web DesignerJun 2010 to Jul 2012(Now rebranded as BR Network)
  2. Like Social - Digital DesignerJul 2012 to Nov 2012(Now rebranded as Highscore)
  3. MSO.net - Frontend DeveloperNov 2012 to Oct 2013
  4. The Hideout - DeveloperOct 2013 to Aug 2017
  5. Ecce. - Frontend DeveloperAug 2017 to present


If you wish to get in contact with me, I am contactable through my linkedin account. Alternatively why not fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible: